Data Backup

Keep your files safe from natural disasters and cyber attacks

Although the chances of hurricanes, floods, or thunderstorms destroying your business may seem minute, you can never be too careful. If that’s not enough reason to prepare, then consider the likelihood of hackers coming up with more dangerous attacks to exploit, corrupt, and destroy your business data. Companies that are ill-prepared for these disasters often close down a few months after being hit. To survive such an incident, you need Data Backup solutions from Managed IT Systems.

When you sign up for our services, we will automatically copy mission-critical files and store them in the cloud, safe from local disasters. Should disaster strike, your files can be easily restored provided that you have an internet connection. Our backup solutions also adhere to industry-specific data regulations and are customized based on your company’s products, files, and requirements.

Backup solutions from Managed IT Systems prepare you for every type of disaster and keep your business operational.

With Managed IT Systems’ Data Backup solutions, you get:

  • Geo-redundant storage - to keep your backups in secure physical locations in case one site fails.
  • Automated backups - so that you always get the most recent versions of your documents.
  • Regulated services - that meet industry-specific data initiatives.
  • Frequent testing - to make sure your data backup and recovery plan works.
  • Datto
  • Intel
  • Cisco
  • HP