Internet-based phone systems for modern businesses

Legacy phone systems lack the communication features to support today’s mobile workforce and global customer base. And if you’ve ever subscribed to traditional phone plans, you understand that standard call rates and long-distance calls are not cheap. By opting for an internet-based phone service -- also known as Voice over IP -- you gain access to top-of-the-line communication features and drastically reduce your monthly phone bill.

With Managed IT Systems VoIP solutions, you can make and receive calls from any registered device, whether it’s your personal phone or your office landline. Other features that you can benefit from include dial-by-name menus, hold music, auto attendant, call recording, and call queueing. And the best part? Making long distance calls is as affordable as calling someone in Georgia!

Enjoy all the benefits of cutting-edge communication features, crystal clear calls, and cheaper rates with Managed IT Systems’ VoIP technology.

Our internet-based telephony solutions are:

  • Affordable - realize appreciable savings with low call rates and fully-serviced VoIP deployment and maintenance.
  • Comprehensive - take advantage of advanced calling functions not available in legacy phone lines.
  • Easy-to-use - an intuitive dashboard allows you to easily understand what your communication systems have to offer.
  • Dependable - we optimize bandwidth usage, secure your VoIP channels, and maintain your devices so you get uninterrupted service.
  • Flexible - empower your employees to work from anywhere with any internet-enabled device.
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